December 20, 2021
Furnace Rust in Davenport, FL

If you’re a resident of Davenport and the surrounding areas, chances are you’ve experienced some rust on your furnace. This isn’t a big deal. It’s a common issue among older furnaces and one that professionals can quickly fix with a few simple steps. Professionals at Underwood AC LLC are standing by to help you get your furnace back up and running. The occurrence of rust inside your furnace is almost always largely due to negligence on the owner’s behalf. It happens more often when there are leaks in your furnace, you fail to clean it often enough, or you use tap water instead of distilled water (which is corrosive) as part of your filter cleaning process. To ensure that you know what you’re up against, this blog will go over the most common culprits of rust in your furnace.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Rust in your furnace is almost always due to negligence on the owner’s behalf. Make sure to clean the lint out of your dryer’s filter and unblock any exhaust vents that may be blocked. Also, make sure that you take your furnace apart and clean it every few months to get rid of the corrosion in its system. Also, if you notice rust inside your furnace, check for possible leaks in the system — these will commonly cause rust to gather around them. If this still doesn’t work, you might have a weak seal on one of the burners, which needs replacing.

Lack of Filtering for Your Air

If your furnace is emitting rust, then you should check to make sure that you have a good air purifier in place in your home. This might not be enough to eliminate the corrosion, though, especially if your furnace is not well-maintained. Also, make sure that you go through and clean your filters regularly — this will help ensure that there are no obstructions or particles which could cause corrosion or rust in your heating system. While the occurrence of rust inside your furnace may seem daunting, it’s pretty easy to cope with if you’re vigilant about taking care of it.

Using Tap Water in the System

Using tap water to clean your filter will cause your furnace to rust faster. This is because tap water is highly corrosive, so it will overtake the pH of the system and cause corrosion. You should use distilled water instead, which won’t corrode your system as fast. If you don’t have distilled water, you can use baking soda instead for this job. Make sure that you rinse it off afterward.

Using the Furnace in Extreme Temperatures

Heating your home can be a somewhat dangerous thing if you live in the colder regions of the country. If you live where it gets extremely cold, then your furnace might have problems because of it. This is because your furnace isn’t designed to heat up at very low temperatures, so using it too much without letting it cool off between uses could cause components to warp or degrade more quickly than they usually would.

High Humidity in the Area

High humidity will eventually cause your furnace to corrode. While you may think that this isn’t the case, it’s not uncommon to find homeowners with high-humidity furnaces experiencing rust in their system after several years of use. If you notice equal amounts of humidity in both your indoor and outdoor air, then you need to ventilate your living area by opening a few windows and getting a fan going. This will prevent excess moisture from condensing on the exterior of your home and affecting the temperature too much.

AC Leaks

Leaks in your AC system will cause your furnace to rust pretty quickly. A rusty furnace may be a sign that you have a leak in the AC system, so if this is the case, make sure to get it repaired as soon as possible. It might also be a sign of low refrigerant levels, which you should get checked out by a professional.

There are many reasons why furnaces rust. Sometimes they break down on their own, sometimes there are leaks in the system, and sometimes owners neglect to clean it or maintain it. Regardless of the reason, remember that there is hope for you and your system. A professional can come around and fix most issues in a day or two. Our company can help you get your furnace working properly again so you won’t have to worry about rust. We also offer other services such as heating, cooling, ductwork installation, home energy surveys, and pool heating.

If you would like to find out more about our services and products, feel free to contact Underwood AC LLC in Davenport, and we will make sure to assist you in any way we can.

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