November 20, 2021
Winter AC Preparation in Davenport, FL

Even though Davenport enjoys pleasant weather most of the year, there is a need to prepare your AC system for the winter season. Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your AC system for the bitter-cold season.

The earlier you start fine-tuning the air conditioning system, the better. While you can inspect the AC system yourself, it’s wise to leave that work to qualified personnel.

One false move with the AC system and you risk damaging it permanently. Worse still, you could injure yourself or get electrocuted by the AC unit. Partner with trained technicians to speed up the process. You don’t want winter to catch you off guard and unprepared.

Winter preparation involves performing the following routine maintenance practices.

Adjusting the Thermostat

Most AC malfunctions arise from a faulty thermostat. Checking and adjusting your thermostat regularly as winter approaches helps to prevent wear and tear. Slowly adjust your thermostat as the weather gets colder for optimal performance.

Checking the Filters

Change the AC filter every three months. Regular filter cleaning improves your AC’s lifespan. Cleaning removes any trapped debris in the system. Contaminants cause the AC to overheat, making it hard to maintain the desired indoor temperatures.
Clean filters produce quality indoor air. All non-reusable filters ought to be changed before this season begins. Go for the medium-to-high-efficiency filters as they have an excellent MERV rating.

Checking the Electronics

Your AC’s thermostat runs on replaceable batteries. The carbon dioxide detector inside your unit also runs on replaceable batteries. Make sure you change these power sources regularly for an uninterrupted AC experience.

Cleaning the AC System

The warmer summer months take a significant toll on the AC system. As winter approaches, you’ll notice a buildup of debris and dust on the AC’s piping. Clean the system thoroughly before you ramp up the AC temperature. Cleaning improves the system’s efficiency.

This step requires you to clean the outdoor unit, inner coils, exterior casings, and other parts labeled safe to wash.

How to Cover the Outdoor AC Unit

After cleaning the exterior of the AC, place a breathable cover material over it to prevent dust and debris from settling in again.

  • Use a breathable cover to avoid choking out the circulation.
  • Weigh down the AC unit using plywood.That helps to shield the unit from the elements.
  • Shelter the top of the unit with a wood awning.
  • Protect your unit from the elements by surrounding it with plants.
  • Build a shelter around the unit for added protection.

Cleaning the Ducts

If you or any other household member is allergic to contaminants or dust, make sure you clean your AC’s ducts regularly. Ducts are responsible for distributing clean air in your confined spaces. However, due to the sensitive nature of ducts, it would be best to have a certified HVAC pro come and inspect them.

Wintertime AC Temperature Setting Tips

According to HVAC experts, your AC should be set to 68 degrees during winter as an ideal temperature to enable energy conservation.

Another energy tip involves raising the AC’s temperature by a few degrees when you’re away during the day.

Frozen heat pumps lose their ability to expel cold air from indoor spaces because they automatically switch to the defrost mode when temperatures plummet to their freezing point.

If your AC freezes during winter, you should defrost it by shutting down the AC system. Then, turn on the blower to help to thaw the evaporator coils. Give the unit some time; hot or warm air should start coming out within a few minutes.

Regular Maintenance

Experts advise us to schedule HVAC maintenance at least three times a year. Find a qualified technician to inspect the filters, condensate drains, electrical wiring, gas or oil connections, and any moving parts in the AC system before winter.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for quality and affordable HVAC services in Davenport, FL, or the surrounding area, then look no further than Underwood AC LLC. Our technicians are fully certified and ready to educate clients on the ins and outs of the work they are perform. Underwood AC LLC is an established HVAC company offering AC repair, maintenance installation, and heating repair. Other essential services include pool heating, heat pumps, and ductwork. Contact us for all your heating needs in Davenport, Florida.

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